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I am a photographer based in South Africa. I live in the most beautiful area in the Western Cape called Cape Town. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelors in Business Management I moved to Berlin to take on the corporate world. After two and a half years working in Marketing, I decided that I was in the wrong career.

During my time in Berlin, I was handed a professional camera. A 5d MkII, I didn't know at that moment that my life was about to change and that I realized that my true calling and passion is photography. 

I decided to quit my job and travel back to South Africa to fulfill my calling and focus on improving my skills in photography. I had trained myself in all the areas that one can think of.  The reason being was to just be ready for anything that I will shoot. I want to be ready for moments that other photographers miss and tend to overlook and at the same time, I want to create art.

The genres of photography that I absolutely love is Fashion, Events, and Weddings. You can view my Fashion photography on


My photography has been featured on numerous blogs, websites, and online publishments and magazines such as Vogue Russia, Vogue Germany, and Harpers Bazaar China.


I also had the honor of receiving a highly commended award at the Sony World Photography Awards and I was a finalist in the Eye-em international photography awards. 

I spend my Summers in between South Africa and Europe as I love to chase the summer sun. 


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