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Your Wedding Day

To me, photography is more than just capturing moments. It is an art form carrying emotional energy articulating the beauty in everything raw.  


It is Poetry. Real and raw moments are important to me, and this is why I take a documentary and non-intrusive approach to photographing your wedding day as I prefer to capture those 'real' and unposed moments, however, should there be a spot of perfect light, I may ask you to go  stand there for some beautiful portrait/couple photographs. 

Don’t be surprised if I jump in a bush to capture the perfect spot. 


My work is about so much more than creating a series of 

Pinterest perfect images. It's about the real-ness of your wedding day. The moments of laughter, and the moments when the emotions become too much, moments of love,  silliness and those moments of complete and utter



I would love to shoot your wedding day and show you a side to it that you didn’t see. 

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